The Mid-Summer Classic, 2016

Well, it’s summer, and at Gourley Park, that means only one thing: the Mid-Summer Classic! Here… we… go.

Here are the pods, schedules and playoff times for each division:

As with last year, both divisions this year are double-knockout, with the exception of the lowest four teams in Bud Light after the round robin stage. These four teams will play a “Consolation Playoff”. Naturally, these schedules will be posted at the park/beer garden over the weekend.

Reminders for the tournament:

– As always, we will have a beer garden set up. A reminder that in addition to cash and GP3P tokens, we are accepting MasterCards and VISAs (no debit) with a surcharge fee.

– Since we have a beer garden and permit, there is a zero tolerance policy for any alcohol outside of this designated area, especially on the benches: on a first offense, you will be ejected from the tournament. This includes “non-descript” cups on the benches. Since this would effect our ability to get permits in the future, we will take a hard line on it.

– We have umpires for the tournament. They volunteer their time for this tournament, so please respect that their judgement is final.

– And a reminder of the long-standing rule: if you are ejected from a game, you are ejected from the tournament. Period. No questions asked.

– You must have a minimum of four girls to play a game. If you have three, the fourth will be an “automatic out” and you will be forced to play with three girls and five guys. Questions on this, see Adam or Kevin.

– Our dance this year, will be at Montana’s on Upper James, beginning at 9PM on Saturday  There is no cost to enter the banquet and we’ll have plenty of prizes and food, as always.

– A reminder that smoking in public parks in the city of Hamilton is not permitted. By-law has walked around in the past, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

– The BBQ will be open for almost the entire weekend, run by Montana’s Upper James this year.

– A reminder that ALL bats must have a GP3P sticker on them to be used in this tournament. The transfer of stickers from one bat to another is not allowed, regardless of the make and model of the bat. If you need a new sticker, come see Adam or Kevin at the tent or around the diamonds. Umpires will be instructed to not allow bats without stickers in the game.

– A second reminder that all players must be on your existing roster to be eligible for the tournament. Any disputes can be brought to the umpires’ attention.


Good luck and see you all around the park.

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