2016 Schedule Available

The 2015 GP3P schedule is available. For the master (league-wide schedule), you can check out the Schedule page. If you are looking for your team schedule, head over to the Teams page and choose your team.

On each Team page, there are two links: one to download the iCal version of the schedule and another to subscribe to it, so that any changes that are made to it are updated automatically on your version.

A few notes:
– the blank slots on June 19th at 11AM is a conscious choice; we have vacated these times to accommodate the Ladies League tournament

– the Mid Summer Classic and Wooden bat schedules will be released in the week(s) leading up to the tournament. Assume that you play Friday night for both. If you are unable to make the tournaments, now is the time to let us know. The deadline to pull out is July 1st. Any team pulling out after this date will be changed a $150 forfeit fee (you will be forfeiting at least three games).

– A reminder that forfeits must be reported to the other team and the league ( at least 72 hours in advance. Failure to tell the other rep within 72 hours of game time will result in a $50 fine payable to the other team.

– the Rep List can always be found at . This link will always contain the latest info we have for teams.

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